Welcome to the Memphis Prayer Collective.

In 2012 several Midtown and Downtown churches came together for a season of prayer. Since that time we’ve recognized how good it is for us to unify around something like this. In the past our season of prayer has been centered around a prayer room, but this year we’re doing things a little different.

On Wednesday, April 27, we’re going to take our prayer time outside of the walls of a prayer room and instead come together in four locations for a night of prayer. We’ll meet together from 6:30-7:30 in the following locations: Downtown, Cooper-Young, Vollintine-Evergreen, and Binghampton. We’re encouraging you to go to the location closest to where you work, live or play.

In the month preceding our night of prayer, we’re going to be educating ourselves on the various needs in our city. For four weeks, beginning Monday, March 28, we’re going to be posting a video and then devotionals throughout that week.

On March 28 David Montague will be talking to us about education. On April 4 Marlon Brown will be talking about poverty. On April 11 Steve Moses will speak on immigration. And on April 18 Maxie Dunham will talk about his hope for the local church in Memphis.

We believe that it’s good to come together in unity as local churches in a city.
We believe that the most strategic thing we can do when we come together is to pray.
Finally, we believe that God is calling us to move outside the walls as we pray for our neighborhoods.

Updates and videos can be found on our Facebook page.  We hope that you will join us!